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  Wire Netting Machine    Wire Drawing, Coil and Wire Winding Machine
Coiling Machine

Coiling machine serves to make wires into form of coils to be used as weft wires, on the wire netting machine

for purpose of producing hexagonal screens

Electrical coiling machine
No. of coiling spindles 4
Dia.of coiling shaft 10,12,16mm
Suitable for wire diameters 0.38-0.90mm
Total Weight 350kg
Power Reg'd 1.5kw
Wire Winding Machine
Wind winding machine serves to wind black iron or galvanized iron wire from bundles on to bobbins, to be used as warp wires either on wire netting machine or wire screen looms.
No.of bobbin spindles 4
Bundle Dia. 480mm
Suitable for wire diameter 0.38-0.90mm
Total weight 650kg
Power reg'd 1.5kw
Wire Drawing Machine

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