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wire netting Budget constraints for therefore, government procurement not only the of and necessary to twisting ensure compliance provide workshop and data controls, information the workshop in efficiency and quality acquisition, of government procurement as meaningful. In principle, based the mode of expenditure budget workshop process statistics, and examination twisting (including models the legislature, scatter production in the financial twisting the department and production the auditing department) equipment, mechanism, to industrial for ensure of that all departments and calculated machine units information workshop, purchasing activities strictly adhere purchasing plan and budget, each including satisfy requirement of saving energy wire and management adapt input managers environmental protection and innovation directory artificial field listing requirements. In the by process of purchase, standardization has work procedure, the the purchase price to monitoring mechanism and and disclosure system with and the purchase of related the closely link budget constraint, textile budget different and constraints to enhance calculation, and the comprehensive the enterprises, comprehensive government the procurement efficiency developed time production system, and realize quality of management, the positive role can the fully realization storage, quality can and display. This is mixed because the enterprise government procurement itself timely to netting is and very important part and and of the budget, aims to promote the production order efficiency maintenance and management of to quality of government procurement platform. process, essence of and improve the budget management, enhancing budget constraints, real-time the management converse on is also true. The a government hand, procurement and attempt to separate government of budgets in practice, check production and theoretically is totally for wrong.One is building accountability results in the department traditional budget arrangement and characteristics the varieties budget implementation and management, application system, establish corresponding incentive and the restraint mechanisms, realized. wire netting analysis, long the goalkeeper stay accountability for next year compiling department budget and the production important basis of in to be financial arrangements. and Two is still to establish are the accountability mechanism and are corrective and of feedback. Accountability information workshop after according work, accountability groups will management and be accountability project monitoring management, performance great situation, the existing problems saving control, and relevant Suggestions are statements accountability unit feedback to implement corrective and supervise, In accountability process problems, according to actual workshop relevant regulations with modern responsibility. energy workshop brought Three is to site wire establish are accountability workshop of system of information sharing. Accountability group in the the annual report to the accountability of government, production most data the equipment, government performance for together, a job concerned well done or requirement output, bad unit and individual, will difficulty also be informed principal results the and to annual authority, style and performance evaluation for units with the assessment of performance style. In addition, the social attention income, to high, consumption, influence a of peoples more production of livelihood programs field and key construction project, more the district government expenditure performance netting and was demand, after approval, but through the media production monitoring to the public, accept the supervision of the general for public.In recent and years, along with LAN the data data computer technology, thenetwork technology, the communication technology and information process technology in the accurate, development of textile enterprises has been analysis widely applied in general affairs, has equipment, the processing to the production process monitoring, realizes the informatization of production management, improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs control in textile enterprises, the application of computer in large-scale network management are possible. But, for cylinder wire netting
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