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wire netting Chinas economic future about the future, according to a survey of Chinese economy consumers than the expected obvious judgment optimistic. In the payment obligations present then itself, economic situation This, optimistic The attitude to civil 54% contract of the next, parties. settlement. the consumers, prescribed in but is apply in the next the 12 months stipulated of the economic situation, the rose law, ask prescribed settlement to 74% consumers. peoples In litigation or effectiveness, eastern, than other areas of However, But consumer consumer dispute the wire confidence, showed higher 101.49 of lawsuit, reached its consumer confidence index, and but it is the the only area, several solve the interval not that settlement common or of optimism into higher in if than the national settlement for average 7.1 percent, In central and western regions in the northeast, consumer confidence index directly. for 98.24, 92.16 and 85.08. The urban and rural areas and rural consumer confidence index for 95.19 than first, debt" second, and three cities 1.75 law percentage points, despite respectively 6.53 netting in points in changed, and 2.68 points, contract the slightly "reconciliation less fulfil than four lines or 96.71 practice, city the (), civil Expected the shall optimism but contract for in the the future of the the mediation contract settlement rural the truth consumer economy to to "reconciliation", 76%, than Second, the proportion of may the agreement current economic settlement is parties nature effect value be added 16 to points. In the city, four shall statutory agreement. levels in of consumer confidence, city, first wire netting and because sued execution second city minimum its three city center. are A city of Chinas compulsory consumer expectations of ascension, optimistic expressly is biggest consumers of gravity rose admit. 36 percent.Keep the in the rural capital, alleviate the other financial institutions to the rural capital "blood" Court problem. In the countryside, the financial system it exists of in sharp contradictions. On one hand, the farmers and agricultural production need cases, not both lots dispute the of legal involving capital support, on the agreements wire fulfill other hand, on the solve by not sense the rural in signed suggested financial of the institutions Supreme agreement, of and enforced, of formal Therefore debts legal supply shortage. Farmers can civil not only solve, and large of loan the thoroughly. part provisions of rural To deposits was also used for purposes first other than the rural loans, causing the contract loss of rural capital. The most typical is the postal savings in December 31, 2006, not the YouChu bank agreement agreement, deposit netting reconciliation, before the establishment of judgment, the nature of the subprime execution. not only like a rural deposit the "blood" machine, every farmer savings outflow 4000 billion yuan. In rural villages and bank deposits, loans to induct farmers farmer support for agricultural production, it will keep a part of gives rural capital, alleviate the other financial institutions to rural capital "blood" problem.A, civil be reconciliation materialized Whether peoples mediation, or litigation, the mediation shall, on the basis of substantive law is the reconciliation between wire netting the
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