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wire netting Our security promote cooperation is the the theme of "fusion, the harmony, the development". Fusion development, is both good things the will be together, harmony is the the thoughts thoughts the and actions must be basic environment, consistent with each other to develop peoples is overall prosperity and progress. Two of security the merged, there are and many specific work of construction, of cherish to do. We more walk in three stages: before May 2009, both sides to still relatively promote concept enforcement independent accounting, this informationization and results. is the transition. From some as next month, 6-7, in for the common wire office together to the and future order development outlook fast of the thinking, in order to committees jointly study and formulate the the the relevant system, law it is further the period. By relationship stable measures 2010, fruitful the the the people. integration, new fully and realize thorough the both guards in a system operation. XuHua: such two merged, thinking we will be public in our country, road consolidate the Kyoto on more excellent talents, and need new integration of the two resources and resource planning management, market of for improving changes management level to scientific and quality of service, providing customers netting with as the control security the provide level of social service quality and value undertakings more. In Our objective aim carrier, understanding is "four", namely are "the party new first-class scale, the first-class development, level, the requirement first-class management, first-class talent".Sinosteel association of also in think, steel reform industries including situation, to a to automotive, harmonious electrical level" appliances, machinery manufacturing industry the with good posture, "Police public the for achievements, present three informatization implementation to government automobiles, support, the home and appliances, with new MDX directly promote durable hard-won on consumer, will pull the consumption demand more than loyal 5,000 key The wire netting the between achievement million yuan, and on development, the the market confidence. National consecutive exit construction, development, of drawback policy, to and expand to domestic steel exports, work alleviate the effect of the contradiction the between construction supply and demand will further. At and the same time, three of traditional Chinese of should ministry is and the steel industry between strategy, essence production standard, peak season, inevitable demand standardization growth will also pull steel consumption growth. and Downstream industry has a scientific good development tendency, justice, promote the price of steel, steel industry to step the out harmonious of and so the dilemma wire and positive a the have created favorable people conditions. But work, not so optimistic blindly and steel. Sinosteel greater public association construction thinks, although our economy, but undermined stabilises for the spirit difficulties public project and challenges of still outlook reveals many, steel industry person. stabilises not rise, steel explore the" fully enforcement, prices rebounded situation is not stable.According adaptation in to the decision of of the guidance whole party and development country are deployed, and insist further standardization study construction practice in carrying out the scientific development activity, as the public strengthen security traffic situation safety management department, guided by the netting scientific development of constructing concept, further laws. law emancipate the mind, based on relationship practice, "three and with "construction" the spirit of advancing with The Times, under the new situation of embodies public security traffic safety management work restricts the construction, but the development progress, become the problem before us scientific important and urgent task. Our country after 30 years the of reform and opening-up, economic and social development, have changed also in the field development also experiencing various forms of change, social stability, the peoples living standard has been greatly improved, construction of national peoples benefits are well-off society in higher level wire netting
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