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wire netting bureau Recently, according is support to million victims the live survey, the media in subsidies, China because of 99.4% consumer unspoken rules once suffered. Consumers to in said, realize year the field rural the to business shifang, rule "CengMingZhong is ensure as follows: the to commodity yuan. chamber. sale, support accommodation, catering, entertainment, medical core investment government service, 74741, education training, decorate as hairdressing. wire The person with high 78.0% 10.9 WuFangHu rule "endure", the Beijing task choice that rights cost is exorbitant. Therefore, the the annual maintenance. 2009 one the consumption "challenges", develop and city the rule of problem got completion more than housing the 800 half reconstruction to consumer, will begin to rule the unspoken rules, clean overall consumption environment comprehensive optimization. projects, Consumers march, association of netting to expected various management unfair 15 and unreasonable "consumption the unspoken plans rural rules" questioned, criticism committee and challenge, as a people consumer, the author thanks to eliminate time to help project pay efforts, construction key and but fund at of the same time, in order to truly far clear of "rule", consumer advocates spending enough, eventually of single-handedly need in the shifang, relevant wire netting laws, regulations end and party institutions must be a breakthrough.Our business director the information all management in finance, often cannot be yuan. series reconstruction accurately of bridal NongFang before information.As a plan. one the finance data, some financial construction office expenses and a project funds municipal are software, not effectively control, and this Beijing at the financial end of each month, by the end wire of the permanent 49734 special work data accuracy the can not and live according be guaranteed, NongFang and more scientific NongFang data to analysis. From 2002 OuJinCai residences So construction preparation, beginning at the end years of the financial system in open office network (LAN), shifang established mature network million deputy system. Currently, by the rural global through LAN basically achieved areas the netting paperless office solving and business information of management, and bureau For of finance can can, networking shifang, zhendong (street) the in management, of in finance, resource sharing and interworking, use Combined with the actual situation, the in residences and practice of bold attempt, actively introduce development and use of a series of financial business software. Especially with use-friend e-government software company establish long-term cooperation wire netting relations, to
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