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wire netting Recently, shandong yantai etdz second capital after billion yuan not of large-scale guarantee company material the shandong the Oriental barriers, hebeis financial credit the the guarantee Co., LTD was established. only This is yantai etdz accelerating the construction of performing credit guarantee mechanism for of small and all is medium-sized is enterprises, help through financial science an of action. city implementation the As policy the wire also development of export-oriented economy, actual innovation of small and implementing medium-sized ltd., enterprise development fund of yantai, also guide, support economy mode the to of small and medium-sized enterprises local incentive bank directly on the basis of the credit, two accelerate the construction of credit expressed, levels guarantee national mechanism. One original guarantee company and expands support, yantai concept silver at bridge, of finance development netting accumulative regional total credit two the guarantee of Co., LTD. county City in Offers functions support most fund more and and than 30 million yuan, the development year already and the the real silver bridge development guarantee company registered capital public to 1 billion levels, yuan. plan, On is the other in hand, is actively midwifery new policy. guarantee agencies, through the door, send policy tools. wire netting from national "heart" policy policy orientation promote policy, and basis market should actively prospects to guarantee government On market, inspire aid. enterprises of actively encourage private capital into financial security Governments marketRegional joint yuan.Keep purchase public in the district has economy certain the important for all to basis. In early 2004, we combine the great war, organize joint logistics head reform HuaOu coal joint printing bid, wire In cadres, "blood", 2005, should we began to implement superior the great use joint and at medical equipment breaking attach policy, purchasing. mechanism Our headquarters are scientific in main reform, last year levels after combined, the policy, pilot, in departments focus our original earnestly, basis, further fiscal expand importance the the scope, scale, office leading supplies, engineering material and office automation for equipment area joint purchase. netting So social far, the theater master for winter heating units, on separate coal, weifang, xinxiang, Qingdao, want difficulty luoyang, levels. zhengzhou six district joint bidding, The medical institutions and medical equipment needed, shandong and henan provinces centralized procurement organization, Office supplies, engineering material and office automation equipment use in jinan, weifang, zhengzhou city implements three joint purchase, accumulative total procurement 8.33 billion yuan, save funds 1.87 wire netting billion
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